Sunday, May 3, 2015

Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers, Laying Out the Real Deal

Ante Up - You know every once in a while I spin a record and I hear a voice crack in my feeble mind and it says something like, “You damn youngins and yer yay yay whoop whoop music. If you knew anything bout anything you would be listening to the blues. What you done be listenin to know is bad recycled trash!” With Michele and her Love Dealers you have a release that just gets down and plainly plays the blues. The guitars have a great cut to them and will pierce your heart and covert your soul. They can get right up in your face like a dog howling at the moon or lay back and sound like a sour heart has been plugged straight into an amplifier. The bass work on this collection is really great. Laying in the pocket between the guitar and the drums it can dance like a seasoned woman of the night or wind through the song like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. Hitting the skins in all the right places, the drum skills on display here work excellently to evolve peak moments in each song to ring paramount. Whether it's laying back and cracking the rim of the snare to exemplify a somber mood, or cranking it up with the right amount of bounce the drum work fits the bill on every single track. Fronting this band of seasoned blues rascals is Michele D’Amour. With her smooth delivery she sets up for nice laid back journey through the heart of a blues soul. With all the dirt that her backing band kicks up it would be nice to hear Michele get a little dirty on the vocal side but her voice is hers and she holds her own. She can wind a tale of serious heartache or cut up over the blues “Dress Code”. I would recommend this band to those that like the blues genre. So with this gauntlet thrown down Michele and the Love Dealers challenge you to Ante Up and throw the current fad called Pop Music aside and listen to something real.


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