Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Whereabouts, True Careless Rock n’ Roll Bliss

“I Don’t Care” - There is just something about a slinky guitar that puts a swagger in your step, and makes you strut like gigolo on a Friday night. With a dash of sneering attitude vocals come bouncing out of your speakers ready to corrupt your eardrums and then you mind. Wayne has a grit to his vocal approach that will make all the fathers lock up their daughters when this band comes to town. Crooning from behind the mic and rocking the guitar with lead guitarist Scott the two tear up the calm silence and rip chords in tandem that will make you want to dance till you're raining sweat. Hopping up the back of the stage and the seat of your girls pants is Joseph on bass guitar. The infectious bounce he adds to this track will make your girl want to sway and bounce till you go mad. Countered by the searing feedback and slick leads from Scott you will find yourself coming back for more and cranking it up each time. Holding this band of madmen together is Dara on the drums. Holding the tempo and beat down solid he can still throw in snare rolls that make it sound like a humming bird is playing the kit. These guys are authentic Rock n’ Roll. I would highly recommend this to those that like Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative and Pop Rock. While the Whereabouts are screaming “I Don’t Care” at the top of their lungs you will l, and will not want to miss out. 

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