Sunday, May 17, 2015

Young Tipzey, For a Spin of a Ride You Gotta Hit This Stoner

“Stoner” - An oriental soundscape sets the scene for this number from Young Tipzey, however if you think that this cut isn’t going to have any bounce you got another thing coming. The backing tracks are lush in nature and you almost feel the cherry blossoms raining from the trees and the cool breeze rolling over your skin. While some of the notes seem to fall of beat the track is interesting enough and creates a nice bed for YT to flow over. A tight kick holds the beat in check and provides concrete points to counter over. Young Tipzey either uses an uncommon mic placement or short delay effect on his vocals here. The result is a minor echo or short stutter effect that adds to the dream quality of the track. For a quick freestyle cut this serves a purpose, but for a longer composition I would recommend raising the level of the vocal track or cleaning it up some so that the lyrical delivery is unveiled better. Presentations such as these always makes you wish that they were longer, so inevitably you end up listening over and over again. Young Tipzey shows a talent for flair and thinking outside of the box producing with untraditional sounds. I would recommend this cut to those that like Rap, Hip Hop or Alternative genres. While YT is getting Zen with “Stoner” he shares like a pal and takes you along for the ride. 

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