Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cats Park, Reveling Organic Bliss in Plastic World

“Plastic World” - With hypnotic guitars that call to your soul and beckon you to come out to play, Cats Park deliver an excellent track once again. With silky vocals from Faijee, she will enchant you senses. You will it find it difficult to not want to sing along wether you know the words or not. Bass lines will carry your feet as you try to float across the floor like the cool breeze. Drum work has just the right amount of groove and swing making it nearly impossible to keep your hands below shoulder level. Guitar tones employ an amount of grit that exemplifies the tension in the world surround. Keyboard textures adds a mellow pulse to this piece that excellently counters the guitar tones and empowers the passion in the percussion work. Together this collection of sounds come together in perfect unison. At the 2:23 mark a cool chill out middle pause helps the song regroup as it builds toward another plateau. Cats Park defines themselves as “Trip-Rock” and live up to the title. I would highly recommend this to those that like Pop, Alternative, Rock and Psychedelic genres. While the onset of a “Plastic World” may be ensuing, Cats Park is here defining what a truly human and organic experience of bliss can sound like. 

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