Saturday, May 9, 2015

John Enghauser, Getting You Through Your Day With a Dose of Reality

 Reality - Like an onion that never makes you cry and only reveals more sweetness with each layer John has managed to create a beautiful piece of work in Reality. This is truly a guitar album with tantalizing notes hiding in ever single sonic corner. With the opening track “Black Dress” you are immediately launched into an uptempo number that makes you feel like running on the beach on a wonderful summer day. With its shift in dynamics the you will find yourself wanting to dance a funky breakdown in your car, living room or no matter where you are. On the track, “Keep Your Jacket On”, you hear John cranking some blues influenced rock with grinding slide work and acoustic bliss. This is the type of record that you would want to put on while you run errands around town. Its got the spunk to get you through you day no matter how much you find going to the laundry mat a bore. Shifting gears in “Reality” Mr. Enghauser reaches for a larger sound and even brings in some ballsy brass. Such strutting numbers are great for those days when you awake and realize that once again you for got to buy coffee and need a pick-me-up. Production on this release is done rather well but has a nice “indie” streak running through it for good measure. The guitars sound absolutely awesome providing a smooth bead of grass for theses songs to frolic in. Bass guitar tones are round, full and in the pocket and give true power to this collection. Drum work holds the beat and keeps the band together with its sonic glue. Holding the right amount of snap it keeps everything in check. Singing on this release from John explores different approaches showing that he is no one trick pony. John has the ability to write interesting songs and has the voice to back them up. Even on such low-key numbers like “Tears of Yesterday” John lays a bed of harmonies that sound so sweet he barely needs any backing instruments. With a bit of electronic flare the song “Tower” takes you on a journey of the mind, spirit and soul. With its thick groove, spirited drum work, grit and grind it certainly was a standout track for me. Rounding out this collection in delicate acoustic fashion is “We Hear You Cry”. With shakers counting off like sands of time and gentle acoustic guitars that float through the air with hope and promise till 2:17 where John explodes with powerful drums and explosive electric guitars. You can almost feel yourself grow three feet taller. I would recommend this album to those that like Rock, Blues-Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock and Alternative. With so much craziness in the world you may often feel like you need a reset of Reality, and with this Mr. Enghauser truly delivers. 

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