Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feisty Piranhas, Rocking Out Like an Evil Monkey

Evil Monkey - Sometimes wonderful things come out of such dire circumstances. On this posthumous release you gain view to a great Pop Punk band from the sunny lands of L.A. California. Even though Peter Alex Lust is no longer with us, his music still reverberates through the air refusing to die. From the epic openings of the title track you can hear the passion and fury unleashed from a life taken too soon. With grinding guitars you hear the anger that lies within. From behind the mic Peter sings with just as much passion and the notes soar into the air trying to find their way home. The melodic opening of “PCH” unfolds with classic Pop Punk fashion and melodic vocals hold the core of this group solid as an 100 ton anchor. Countering the vocal and guitar dynamics is the drum work from Peter’s father. With fills that fly like a hummingbird’s wings the drum work pushes each song and help them unfold like a golden sunrise. The Reggae textures found on “Change the World” help shake things up and keep the overall the sound of the album from getting stale. The band rocks out lock tight with pure mechanical precision. Production on this release is top shelf. Guitars sound clean and cut through the mix. Drums stay on top of the beat and never vary in tempo. Bass guitars hold down the low-end and add just right amount of bounce to each track. The anthemic rocker, “From Within” sounds like a solid rallying cry from a man refusing to give up. Turning the page and completely mixing things up comes “Memories” with acoustic guitars and a laid back guitar solo you can almost hear the tears smashing on the floor. With so much ground covered here I would recommend this album to those that like Rock, Pop Punk Reggae and Alternative genres. While Peter may have left us all there is still plenty to sink your teeth into from this Feisty Piranha.

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