Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jesse Ballard, Holding Nothing Back with Solid Hits Let Loose

Cut It All Loose - With a heart full of soul Jesse Ballard opens his heart on this release and lets you into his world. Smooth sounds that sooth the broken heart and calm mind roll from the vocal approach of Mr. Ballard. Whether it’s the driving tone on the title track or the gentle key and flute work on “Every Time I See You”, Jesse creates textures that will appeal to a variety of tastes. In a plea for peace JB sarcastically phrases “Just Another War” in an effort to show the senseless waste of human life that is never truly appreciated. Soundscapes on this record are strong in Pop, Rock and R&B. The mix is well balanced. Guitars shine like a golden sun reflecting off a clear pure shoreline. Percussion work is tight and right in the pocket. Bass guitar work brings a deft amount of groove and undertones the sour feelings, but washes away the pain. With a nod to Folk tones the opening of “Constantly In View” Jesse sings raw and from the heart wishing for and even-handed day. Cranking up the Rock n’ Roll swing JB throws down on “I Just Can’t Wait” for a long lost love and the longing to have them back in his arms. You can almost taste the sweat in the air as he hurries to the airport. Many of the tracks here would be great for a movie soundtrack for the depth of passion and imagery conveyed is poetic and thick. Rounding out the set with “Once Upon A Time” you hear a man dedicated to passing on knowledge through the notes of musical scales. One thing is for certain, and that is Jesse is a tried and true storyteller. With a life lived full of experiences Mr. B isn’t just a love song hack. He is the real deal with a real heart for music. I would highly recommend this album to those that like Rock, Blues, Folk, R&B, Pop and Americana genres. With Cut It All Loose you will definitely cut yourself in on a good time. 

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