Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Mighty Cash Cats, Not Just Reliving the Past but Spinning Towards the Future

The Ballad of Johnny and June - With a press of play this release from The Mighty Cash Cats will make you think you dusted off your collection of old Johnny Cash LP’s. You don’t have to worry about record scratches or the hiss of the needle crawling across the vinyl here. Just sit back, relax and enjoy 9 great Cash tracks. The guitar work here has done some embellishments to spruce up the well known Cash sound. Those that loved the trumpets in “Ring of Fire” maybe a bit sad to hear their omission, but the core of the songs hold solid and intact. Bass and drum work is more forward on these versions which help the songs have a fresh and pushing sound. A personal favorite of mine was the cover of “Long Legged Guitar Pickin’ Manthe” it had attitude and swagger much embodied in the original. Singing duties on this album come very close to the mark of the originals. No one can ever cover all the nuances of the original Mr. Cash, but Michael nails it bout as good as anyone could, and his “June” does darn good job as well. I will say that I nearly got a case of whiplash on the last track. Coming out of the blue the song, “Ballad of Johnny and June” cut from the rest of the pack. The song had a heavy dose of spitfire. While the world still awaits the arrival of the next Johnny Cash, Michael J. and his Mighty Cash Cats do an excellent job of keep things covered. I would recommend this group to anyone that is a lover of things Johnny Cash and June Carter.

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