Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Black Delta Movement, With Groove and Grit It’s Time to Take a Trip

“The Trip” - Guitars Soaked in reverb and fuzz open this song sure to take you on a trip through the mind’s visualization abilities. Vocal delivery saunters out of your speakers like a man who cares little about life and throws a wad of cash up in the air to only let it rain to the ground. To be a great rock singer/frontman you don’t have to have perfect classical delivery, you need attitude and here that quality is on full display. Guitars rage but still obtain a laid back quality that make you feel like you are in the back of a ’62 Impala with the top down with your feet up. Bass guitar holds the groove for this track and will make you feel like you have the perfect buzz on. The Black Delta Movement don’t let you down on this track, and you have no fear of a harsh crash. The drum work holds the ride and keeps the flow fresh. With the kick and snare riding the beat you will feel as if you can kick back and coast this ride all night long. At the 2:18 mark the Movement mellows things out a bit and guitars howl for a spell. You find that moment of space in the song just like when you lock eyes with a beautiful woman and feel compelled to go and introduce yourself. As the tempo begins to ramp up the song peaks into pure Rock n’ Roll jubilation. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative and Garage Rock. Life can be too serious too much of the time. Take “The Trip” with The Black Delta Movement and cut loose for a few. You won’t regret it and they’re happy to come along for the ride. 

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