Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grenouer, Past the Point of No Return With a Power Unmatched

“Point of No Return” - The guitars open this track and sound so lonely that you almost wait for autumn leaves to pass by your feet. Grenouer once again deliver an emotional track that not only expresses eloquently how they feel, but also make you think introspectively. Synth percussion sounds propel this song and will dance through your mind like better days remembered. Ghostly vocals muffled seem to echo as if they are your conscience. As the track unfolds traditional acoustic drum work takes over and the track itself opens like a spring blossom of hope. With the weight of a heavy heart the kick and snare almost feel like tears of sorrow hitting the floor like 2 ton bricks. Crystalline like clean guitars sprinkle notes like a cold frost, sharp, clear and poignant. With a growling bass guitar swaying in the background you know that Grenouer haven’t given up yet. Singing from heart they refuse to give up and deliver epic anthemic art song after song. Mellow vocals will drift out of your speakers and seep deep into your soul. With hope for a better day the band cranks it up at the 2:20 mark and they drop the Hard Rock hammer like only Grenouer can. As the soundscape opens for the second half of this song with distorted guitars that ring with a passion power of a mighty lion. As the vocals take flight like an eagle in its peak strength Grenouer show that they have pasted the “Point of No Return” and refuse to give up anytime soon. With tracks like these the good times are just getting started. 

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