Sunday, January 11, 2015

Juho Saari, On a Fall From Obsurity He Makes His Presence Known

Fall - Artists are like mad scientists they craft things born from their imagination and worked on with a heart full of passion. The nine tracks on this release from Juho Saari show an open door to up and coming artists mind. Often I listen to great artists that have interesting ideas but have trouble capturing them. I really like what I hear on this album. JS at moments sounds like a young Trent Reznor before his first studio release. He includes elements of Pop music but by no means walks down the same old trodden path. Cutting fresh ideas and weaving interesting instruments together JS weaves a fabric of music here that will only become stronger with time. He is the type of artist that I would love to see get in the studio with a seasoned engineer/producer. I would highly recommend giving this artist a spin if you like Pop, Rock, Alternative, Industrial or even Avant Garde genres. This is one of those gems that is worthy of knowing about 10 years down the road so that you can say, “Yeah I heard Fall and knew about Juho Saari way before he broke through”. While so many new artists are out there this one has Fell right into your lap waiting for a listen.

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