Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bobby Danger

3D - Opening with the song “New Day” Bobby Danger writes music that you just want to turn up as loud as you can. He has the talent of writing songs that make you want to sing along with on first listen. As pop/rock acts go Mr. Danger has plenty of rock in his mix. The guitar leads just flow and make you want to play air guitar. The drums and bass throw down a nice groove and have musical hooks that make you want to dance. Bobby as a vocalist sings right in the pocket. His harmonies and lead vocals make you want to hum along to the verses and scream along with the chorus. 3D is a showcase of true talent. If you are a fan of Pop/Rock/Alt Rock then I would highly recommend this album. In his 3rd release Bobby shows that his star is in no “Danger” of fading anytime soon. So if you are tired of plastic one dimensional bands then check out this 3D experience. 

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