Sunday, November 9, 2014

Six OH! 4

Choke Him Son - I aint gonna mess around, YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS TRACK! Nuff said, but really this is an interesting one. I could easily see this track going into a horror, suspense or a modern detective type movie. 6O!4 has nailed an awesome track that is down right creepy while still fun to listen to. I feel like I have someone watching me in the dark right now listening to it. 6O!4 does an excellent job of building tension and release moments with keeping solid crawling tempo. The layers of  sound that bob and weave in and out of your ear are a delicacy for your ears. If you want to have something that will help you pulse through your day, go! Just check this clip out now. I highly recommend this one to anyone that like EDM/Trip Hop/Industrial/Instrumentals.

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