Saturday, November 22, 2014

In All Honesty

Of Heroin And Harlequins - As I spin this release I close my eyes, and I can imagine myself running through wheat fields feeling free in my heart and mind. In All Honesty is a trio from Rockford, IL that plays acoustic, coffee-house style pop/folk. Lead vocals sung so sweetly from Naomi Allen spin tales of the heart that will warm the soul. The guitar playing from Michael Allen acts as a great counter point for Naomi’s vocals and anchor the tracks in solid song craft. Key work from Anna Smith add the right amount of backing flair and spice up the songs helping them each be their own character. The songs are produced well, though while some of the key work on “Polio” seems oddly timed, it helps underscore some of the tense feelings projected lyrically. Perhaps it should have been more of a subtle texture, though it does serve the song well. This collection is great for a journey. Wether walking, cycling or on a drive you will get to wherever you need go while also searching your heart and soul. The stand out track “Hold On To You” is a wonderful tale of lovers with a bond that will never seem to break.  With the lighthearted playful song “Tentatively Yours” I feel a delightful skip which hopes for better days, but is happy to have someone to share bad ones with. I would recommend this release for those that like Pop/Folk genres. Wether you are feeling bold or quiet as Of Heroin And Harlequins take the time to listen to this release and feel the weight of the day fade.

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