Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mind Orchestra

Devoured by the Comfort Zone - With opening track lush sounds of world music roll out of my speakers. Like a beautiful woman Mind Orchestra entices me into their world with seductive sounds. While invigorating the style of M.O. is still rather laid back. You could easily close your eyes and envision yourself traveling to every far corner of the earth. The songs are produced very well and the mix lets all elements breath and pulse with natural energy. With so many different instruments it can be challenging to balance them all and not loose focus, however Mind Orchestra’s songs wind through your ears and take you on a rather organic sonic journey that has one voice. While the opening track “Nomad” rings with true emotion and passionate vocals M.O. also has a wonderful talent of writing instrumental jams that set the soul on fire. The track “Little Spirit” summons the sound of Pink Floyd to visit and executes with precision. This is the type of music that would be great for those wanting to listen to something inspirational but allows your imagination to run wild. If you are a fan of things country western Mind Orchestra takes a sharp turn with Spirit Walk. While this track sidesteps rather sharply, and normally I would recommend putting this track on another album, it does break up the scene for your ears. With traditional twang they execute this song with excellence and put their own spin on the country fried. Considering that this collection times in at about 96 minutes the track does well to help break things up. Double albums are always a lot of information to process but Mind Orchestra changes flavors on the following tune as well with “Enjoy the Nature (it’s nice)”. It reminds me of something that the Beatles might have put out if they were still making music. Spiced with plenty of ear candy and a playful mood M.O. turn yet another page in their encyclopedia of sounds. I find my soul searching for hope as “Moonlight” wraps it acoustic guitar tones beautiful throughout my mind. There is truly some expert playing on this collection. It sounds as if it has all been executed by a dream team of seasoned professionals. With such an epic debut one is only to wonder what Mind Orchestra might do to break out of their “Comfort Zone” and tackle on their next release. If you like music you will definitely find something that you like here. I recommend this collection to those that particularly like World,Experimental,Psychedelic,Folk. So if you are ready for a journey pack your lunch and take a trip with Mind Orchestra right now!

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