Sunday, November 23, 2014


I Am - One thing about any album that can be frustrating is when your mind is on shuffle but you don’t want to keep hitting skip or scan. Diztord is an interesting in that respect. While the core of this studio metal project is Bjarne Gudmunsson (drums), Chris Goldsmith (bass, guitar and vocals) and Tord Bäckström (Diztord) they bring in different artists on each and every song. Each song has a common sound with a rotating chair in vocal spot making this the type of album that you can put on and not get bored with. Let me say that for an unsigned project this collection of songs sound as professional as you can get. The lead single and title track “I Am” opens with a synth pulsing and male vocals that are as smooth as silk though they waste no time getting down and dirty. The guitar sounds are HUGE they grind with precision and definition. Bass guitar sounds are massive, thick and have just the right amount of grit in true metal fashion. Drum work on this album just slams. The ebb and flow behind the kit used to help build these songs is absolutely beautiful. Wether spraying a hundred beats a second or laying back with the natural groove the drum work is perfect for each and every song. With this many vocalists I kept waiting for a low moment but each and every vocal performance captured the melody of an angel or a screaming demon. The entire cast on this document deserve 5 stars. I wouldn’t recommend this album, I would DEMAND that if you like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal or Industrial music that you stop right now and get this album. Every track is stellar. I don’t care who you are “I Am telling you right now this is a contender for Metal Record of the Year.

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