Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Horse Heads

Die Ethan - With the opening bit of comedy on this release I find my heart opening and saying yes. Out of my speakers stretch the guitar grind that is indicative of classic rock tones. The Horse heads write songs that are reflective and make you want to open your soul. While most music anymore has the vocals up in your face, Die Ethan allows their music to breath and be a voice along with the lead singer. With true rock ’n roll attitude this release speaks from the heart and bares it all for anyone to see. Guitars grind with true passion. The bass guitar lays a layer of low end so thick with attitude that no one gets aways clean. The drum work on Die Ethan ,though shifting in tempo from time to time, suit this band really well. You can feel the attitude swinging away clearing anything that tries to stand in its path. The lead guitar work exemplifies the attitude and texture that the rest of the band throws down. There might not be a million notes a minute played, but it is played honest and from the heart. The Horse Heads singer won’t get a vocalist-of-the-year award, but few sing as passionately and write as honestly. True poetry reaches the heart and The Horse Heads execute well. I would recommend this band to those that like Rock/Punk/Post-Punk/Alternative/Indie/Garage Rock. These guys write true and honest music, so while some may pump their fists in the air and chant, “Die Ethan” hopefully The Horse Heads don’t die out anytime soon. 

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