Sunday, November 16, 2014


“Fuck ‘em” - One thing missing in a lot of music I hear is attitude. If you are looking for a song that is all sunshine and rainbows then steer clear of this act. With a creeping bass brass CWIL ready your mind to throw down. They don’t hide it, they are full of attitude and are ready to dispense with anything fake or weak in their way. A Rap act hailing from Detroit they have had enough, and their music rolls telling you to get out of the way. Most times with Rap I hear a ton of special effects that act as ear candy but CWIL keeps it about the ideas. They do an excellent job of using the pop songwriting structure to create thick hooks. There are moments where the use of delay muddies up the vocals and makes a couple of lines difficult to discern, but CWIL keeps things on point and in your face. If you like music with attitude, Rap/Hip Hop/Pop then I would recommend checking out this song. Either way CWIL shows no signs of letting up of fading out anytime soon. For all those that try and nay say CWIL will overcome and just say, “Fuck ‘em”. 

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