Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Six OH! 4

“I, Me” - With this release 6O4 has done it again. With high quality production and sounds he lays down a thick sound scape. I could see this easily landing in a video game in a transitional level before things really start to get soaked in action. With the opening cello’s things seem rather ominous but the skipping glitch like work with the rolling snare textures keep things playful. I think that the glitch sounds though are maybe a bit overused however with the track only coming in at 3:07 it doesn’t reach the point of being overplayed. The backing textures change and help the mood swing. 6O4 has the talent of making tracks that stay within standard pop time limits but don’t get monotonous. If you like great instrumental music to get you through the day and love EDM/Trip Hop/Pop then I recommend this track. 

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