Sunday, November 23, 2014


…& Friends - With the cracking of thunder on the opening track “Ready to Fly”, Lenny comes out swinging. On this Rock/Pop album he crafts a set of epic numbers that inspire the soul straight from his heart.  Even passages that barely seem to whisper like the opening of “Impossible”, rein as giants with massive amounts of emotion. Track after track Lenny …& Friends create a dense soundscape. From the powerful drumming, rich guitars, grooving bass, elegant key work to Lenny’s heartfelt singing this album has it all. The particularly interesting grooving track “Black Woman” struts with true blues-rock fashion where Lenny reflects how “they are all the same” unlike his style. Even on the snappy acoustic number “Way Down to Moscow” Lenny’s guitar prowess and song crafting sensibility shine. One thing that is evident is that this is no one trick pony show. On “System Breakdown” the tasteful drum loop and synth work employed  keep your ears in tune and interested. At the core of all the songs though is Lenny’s trademark vocal delivery. You know it’s him as soon as he starts to sing. The guitar takes quite a journey from mild electric through searing leads and mellowing occasionally with acoustic slap. The bass guitar work grooves, slides, winds and weaves just like the passion on display. Key/Synth work is tasteful and supports the songs without distracting. The drums just thrown down and take these tracks over the top. Production on this album is absolutely beautiful. With so much going on in each song it’s nice that all the elements have their own home and moments to shine. I would recommend this album strongly to anyone that likes Pop, Rock or Alternative genres. With “friends” like these Lenny can’t go wrong and you won’t go wrong putting this on for a spin. 

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