Sunday, November 2, 2014


CREEPSHOW - Usually when you think Hip Hop/Rap you think of moog sculpted soundscapes, Heavy synth work or beats from the 70’s Disco. On CREEPSHOW  Musfasa truly creates some creepy tones and backtracks to vocally flow over. Lyrically Mufasa is a breath of fresh air. As a wordsmith he is a true poet and stays away from current cliche’ MC trends. This album has a gritty underground vibe, something that you would only play when your parents weren’t around. He isn’t your typical Rap artist he is more of a poet than a verse/chorus/verse. Over the 19 tracks he explores a variety of soundscapes and ideas. If you are looking for an artistic, different and out of the box Rap artist then CREEPSHOW is the record for you.  

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