Saturday, November 22, 2014

Richard Rands

“All This Time” - Most of the time when I hear Acoustic Singer-Songwriters they are all mellow and drone on about leaves falling on an Autumn day and drinking tea in their pajamas. That is NOT what Richard does. With “All This Time” he hammers right out of the gate. While there is a bit of heartbroken remorse in song it has a great hop in its step. It’s rare that solo artist and their guitar sound so full. This track is produced rather well. The guitar tone in right up in your face and clearly defined. His playing is very well executed. The vocals are produced a bit tight. I wish they had been allowed to breath a bit more because Richards style of singing is so robust. He really belts it out on this one you can tell he is the type of artist that doesn’t need autotune or fancy effects to get his poetry across. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Acoustic/Singer-Songwriters/Pop. If you have been waiting “All This Time” for a song that’s beautiful and from the heart then be sure to check out this track from Richard Rands.

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