Sunday, December 28, 2014

Adrian Aida Wilkin, Showing True Depth of The Novelist

The Novelist - With the opening piano notes gliding through the air you can feel something bigger is coming. Adrian creates a thick soundscape on this mixtape that dispenses with the usual rap themes. He writes stories that unfold about real life, and do more than just brag about how much money he has or how many women he has slept with. This is more that the average Rap set but a concept album that takes you on a journey through a troubled man’s mind and his search to get back. Production on these songs are done very well. The beats sit right up front and have a tempo that lays back enough so that music can breathe. Lyrical delivery is well placed and on step. Adrian has a great foundation to build a career on. One of my personal favorites is the song “Forgiveness From the Grave”, the dynamics just slam and the music soars in comparison to the sorrow in Wilkin’s heart. The music on “Kate” is as full of passion as the love/hate relationship that it describes. You almost feel like you are dancing on the edge of a razor. It takes a true artist to speak from the heart and tell such chilling tales. I guess that’s why most Rap artists merely talk about fame, money and sex instead of rhyming from the heart. With continued hard work and passion nothing will keep Adrian from creating music that hangs with the greats of all time.  I would call this a double album myself and the songs contained within score a story of true passion, heartache and pain. If you are tired of the same old, “Im a this and that platinum” kind of rap then this is definitely for you. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Rap/Hip Hop/Pop with real content and awesome music. While most rappers anymore would have trouble filling the pages of a short story Adrian open his wings and soars as a true Novelist.

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