Saturday, December 27, 2014

Richard Rands, Sets you “Free” With This Release

“Free” ft. Amanda Belle - With a hop in his step Richard Rands skips through this song with hope in his voice. You can almost feel yourself flying as well. Richard has a great talent for writing Acoustic/Pop songs that work into your heart because he does nothing but sing from his. You can feel the true honesty of this artist and he strums his guitar with real passion. Guitar playing is spot on and in the pocket and percussion on this track is done very tastefully. It helps the song stride and cut through the winds of doubt. An extra treat on this track is the backing vocals from Amanda Belle. She does well to add another layer to this song. Singing together you can almost feel the clouds parting on an overcast day. Overall the production on this song is top notch. You almost feel like you are in the room with Richard, and if you dare to look up you will see that the roof is missing for nothing will keep this artist down as he continues to grow. You can listen to the same old stuff on Pop radio anytime you want, but I highly suggest checking out this breakout track from Richard Rands for you will truly feel “Free”.

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