Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tom Joyce, From His Heart Through His Finger to Your Ears

Aberg Piano Works - I have heard many a person lamenting about the state of the music industry. At a time when all seems to be lost because people seem to not want to buy music but steal it. The music industry (record labels) seem to merely try and drain the blood out of starving artists in an effort to make a few more coins before all is dead and buried. One might wonder, “why make music?”, its because of the passion in artists such as Tom Joyce. One man armed with merely a piano and a passion creates music that warms the heart, soothes the damaged soul and invigorates those not wanting to give up. With Tom’s 10 tracks he carefully forges a shield and a sword to preserve through the night and all its demons. Like a hero on a quest this album will take you on a journey. With his slow pulsing phrases you feel the sorrow in a gloomy day that must be made a new. Notes crescendo and soar as he inspires and builds a mighty castle as to the magnificence that music can be. With artists such as Tom Joyce music will not die for the heart of a true artist will not let it. Compositions on Aberg Piano Works are filled with the love of a true artist and a traveled man. His touch and timing are impeccable. Its almost as if his heart is playing the piano itself. Its rare to hear music this delicate and powerful that sounds so honest. Tom’s music will never suit the backdrop of a beer commercial, the score of a cheap popcorn movie or be heard on the jukebox in some drunkard’s pub. His music is meant to soar pure and free and once entering you ear it will become a part of your heart. I highly recommend this album to those who love true music, especially those that have a soft spot in their hearts for piano instrumentals. Buy this album and listen. Wether in your home by the fire or reading a book, spending the day holding someone you love or traveling as you day unfolds before you you will feel your heart come alive. With these notes of passion in your ears you will see that life is not just to happen but to be experienced and savored. If you desire to soar make this your sound track and prepare to feel your soul fly. 

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