Sunday, December 14, 2014

Six OH! 4 does it AGAIN!

Movember Beats Ep - Synth strings slide across the floor of my room guided by the clapping hands and thudding kick drum. As this Ep unfolds I feel like I am being led down a path that makes visions of a tripped out Alice in Wonderland pop up. Synth glitches give me a post modern taste in my mouth that makes me disintegrate into pixels and fall further down the rabbit hole. Six OH! 4 has an uncanny knack for creating intriguing beats with backing instruments that can take you out of your body and your mind on a journey. The Production on this set is top rate as usual, and while all the songs follow the same thread of Atari/EDM/Techno type instrumentals each embody their own character. A personal breakout fav for me personally is the build/destruct/build flow of “Hype”. While the creepy vocal samples in “Mr. Quiet” may make the hairs raise on the back of any conspiracy theorist’s neck, Six OH! 4 keeps the bounce, sidesteps and weaving up until the end of “Vyolet”. I would highly recommend this Ep to those liking quality experimental instrumental electronic music. This is a must experience. 

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