Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blaise Cordero, Hope for the Broken Hearts Club

“She’s My Girl” - Like the longing piano notes that begin this beautiful track so does the heart of Blaise work into yours. This is a track that could easily end up as “your song” for your relationship. As songwriting goes this track is solid. The drum work does great to hold the pace and underline the constant steady heartbeat of a great love. The guitar work is tasteful and lead notes wind through the wind as I imagine the air dances through the hair of a beautiful woman on a summer beach day. This song does an excellent job of painting the picture of true love. Acoustic strumming has the laid back lazy vibe of a cozy day in cuddling but holds the song up strong. Singing from Blaise is right in the pocket. You can feel the honesty as it pours straight from the heart. The middle symphonic breakdown helps take you to the tender core of his heart and then quickly rebuilds to soar like a dove. If you like Pop/Rock Ballads I would highly recommend this track. Mr. Cordero will definitely break some hearts with this song but also bring many more together. If you got a girl, this is your tune.

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