Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dreamtongue, From Their Tongue to Your Ears

Walla Walla - As lo-fi guitars jangle out of my speakers I feel like I have been catapulted back to the mid-nighties and the hight of angst fueled Alternative rock. The energy from the guitar cuts like a knife and you can tell that this is the real deal. The vocals of Danny Grimaldi are spilt on the floor and are sure to stain the grain of time. They embody true passion from a gut wrenching heart. Drum work from Greer Jones add a lot of flavor to the band and does a good job of locking in with Justin Colvin’s six string slicing. It would be really interesting to hear this band get into a room with an engineer that had some chops under their belt. While the quality on this recording is very D. I. Y.  Dreamtongue has much to offer and merely need to hone their sound. I would recommend this band to anyone liking Emo/Screamo/Rock/Alt-rock/Garage Rock. These guys have tons to offer and are only going to get better from here. 

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