Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lucky Widmore, Howling at the Moon as It Shines With Success

Howling at the Moon - Most of the time “Supergroups” are bands that have select members from various famous bands that come together for a rare album or two, however Lucky Widmore seem to be a Supergroup that no one knows much about, for now. As the smooth guitar lines open the title track of this EP I had no idea for trip my ears were about to take. This band preforms like a well oiled machine ready to carry you off into musical euphoria. From the laid back groove of “Howling at the Moon”, the uptempo grind of “Alex” to funky Pop vibe “You and Me Tonight” Lucky Widmore delivers again and again. The production on this release is five star quality.  Craig sings with the beauty of an angel and the bravado of a seasoned talent. Guitar work from Craig and Farhan explore the full range of smooth and clean to grinding and edgy. Dan’s bass guitar work flows rather fluid and excels at accenting counter points in each song. With his low-end work your feet will want to keep moving till the last note is played. Nick’s attack behind the drum kit is absolute precision. He digs into each song applying the right amount of attack from epic peaks to cooling valleys allowing each song to have the room it needs to breath. A variety of influences can be heard at the foundation of Lucky Widmore but they are not controlled by any of them. They are a truly an original band of their own rite. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes Pop, Rock, Alternative, Reggae or Funk. In the midst of hearing such great art you will find yourself Howling at the Moon and dancing all night long.

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