Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jeremy Bursich, Shining a Light for a Better Day

AMERICA - One of the great times in music was that of the late 60’s. The music was filled of hope while criticizing the social landscape of the time. Rare is it when revolution is exemplified with such beautiful poetry. Spinning the songs off of this record will remind you that music isn’t just about sex drugs and rock ’n roll but emotional passion for social change. Jeremy has constructed a sonic world hoping for a better day. With lush soundscapes that plea for pause and refection Jeremy’s AMERICA make you wonder where have you been and where are you going. The core of this project is a man’s lone voice and his acoustic guitar. So much can be said with so little and everything else is mere icing on the cake. No one will nominate Jeremy for singer of the year but he is a true and honest poet which is the true markings of an artist. He sings truly from the heart. Guitar work is just as earnest and executed in solid fashion. His chops are top notch. Percussion work is laid back and low in the mix but keep each song pulsing forward for you to ponder. The key/synth work is done very well to help the peak moments and ideas but do not take over the song in a flashy way. The production on this album is executed very well my personal favorite is “Live Free” a standout track that calls to question the echo’s of this world. If you are a fan of Folk/Indie/Political/Singer-Songwriters then I would highly recommend checking this out. AMERICA might be going to hell in a hand basket but perhaps with artists such as Jeremy we might save it all in time. 

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