Saturday, December 20, 2014

Asherrcole, A Valid Point That You Better Hear This Before You Lose It

“Valid Point” / “Losin It” - Sometimes you just want to listen to a song that has a thick beat and roll, if so, then these are the tracks for you. The production on this set is perfect. The word play on these tracks are rather interesting and you will find yourself bobbing your head wanting party all night. The auto-tune in “Valid Point” induces a playfulness as Asherrcole get serious on the playground. “Losing It” is more a straight ahead track that that just drops like a bomb. Snare hits fire like an automatic rifle spraying hate dropping all the fakers. If you think you are going to stand in the way then you’re going to get plowed with this bulldozer of a beats. Lots of fun, top notch, I recommend this set to anyone that likes Pop/Rap/Hip Hop. Its time to flow and roll.

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