Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grenouer, A Golden Song for the Golden Years

“Golden Years” - With the thundering of drums Grenouer set to take you on yet another journey through their soul and mind. Nothing cuts worse than seeing a friend in pain, but often out of such pain beautiful music is made. With acoustic guitars ringing a mournful tone unrolls in my mind. Though played to perfection you can almost feel the pain and animosity with each string strummed. The trademark growling bass of Grenouer is subdued this go around however it still punches through with potency keeping the song solid as cinder blocks. Vocals from Ind are sung like a beautiful angel mourning the loss of virtue trying to make sense of all that is going on. Overall the production is like every other Grenouer song, 5 star and beautifully done. While lamenting for a time when artists are properly treated and respected for their talents Grenouer refuse to give up and instead make great music. I would recommend this track to anyone that likes Rock/Hard Rock/ Metal Ballads. The video accompanying this song underlines how many artists feel they are being treated like prostitutes for all their hard work and sacrifice. While the “Golden Years” may be over with artists such as Grenouer still producing great music perhaps a renaissance will arise.

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