Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beyond the Wall, My Head Hurts From Hitting the Ceiling

“Between Us”/“Over My Shoulder”/"Waste Your Time With Me” - Sometimes I just get bored. Sitting still for far too long leads to trouble. That’s the time when I like to put on music like that from Beyond the Wall and get into some real mischief. This is the type of band that makes you want to pogo until your head hits the ceiling or vomit from dizziness. With the textures that true Punk/Pop is made of these three gentleman come roaring out the gate with grinding guitars, rolling bass and drums hammering you into ecstasy. The band plays lock-tight with no room for slop. Vocals are performed with true heart pulled right off their sleeves and slap you right in your face. Sure some lame-ass might try to tell you these guys are a Green-Blink-Fall Out ripoff, but these guys stand on their own two feet. With the sound and dynamic the music they create would be at home on any arena stage or your parents garage, they are just that good. The songwriting is first rate and is executed like vintage pros. Beyond the Wall has a real crossover appeal, so whether you like Rock, Pop, Punk or Hard Rock I would check these guys out, crank it to 10 and have some fun. These guys maybe Beyond the Wall but never beyond delivering a cut with real punch. Punk Rock has just got some new contenders for that rusty beat up crown. Don’t be one of those losers that always miss out. Just go, RIGHT NOW!

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