Sunday, December 28, 2014

Roses Unread, Fallen From the Sky You Will Soar to New Heights

“Fallen” - My eyes slowly open and the world around me is a blur. I am soaked in sweat and I feel absolute freedom. Have I just run a marathon across the desert? No, it is the image I take away after hearing Roses Unread’s new single. While Allison maybe singing about falling your heart will surely soar with this anthem-like song.  For those that choose to thrash, on hearing this song you will until you are soaked. Lead vocal work on this track is absolutely beautiful and countered by raging demonic screams in the background. Guitar work from John and Blake once again crunch in perfect unison and light the wings of fire that soar into the night. Keeping it all grounded is growling bass of Brant “The Beard” and the punching thunder of Grant’s drum kit. This isn’t some group of young punks clunking around in their garage. Roses Unread are seasoned, honed professionals unleashing a brand of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal that will burn everything that tries to stand in its way. If you are a fan of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alt Rock, Alt Metal or Rock you HAVE to check out this song. While many artists have “Fallen” over time Roses Unread seem to only soar to new heights.

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