Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Raft: "Xanadu"

Tucked away, hidden somewhere near Liverpool comes an artist that has sent me a very beautiful song that makes my heart swell. Listening to this track will make you want to curl up on your couch with your special someone and forget about looking at the time. The mix and arrangement has a throwback appeal but at the same time is still fresh and very relevant. Xanadu, is my new favorite pop track of the week and says something, because there is so much Pop music out there that sometimes I find myself nearly stubbing my toe, falling over and breaking my neck.

The song opens with a simple percussion loop that makes me want to stand open my hands, raise them to the sky and begin dancing. Guitar notes dance through the air around me and sound cold as ice, so clear and concise, yet at the same time are so warm and welcoming to the ear. Sounds that are layered are varied in texture creating a rich sound scape that invites you on a journey through your mind as well through artist's. 

Vocals sound as if they are rolling out of Phil's mouth with pure emotion. It seems as though they are just flowing telepathically out of his mind without a breath spent. They sound smooth as silk dancing in the breeze of a warm spring day. The guitar solo that comes in around the 2:55 mark takes the tale further down the road. There was no need for a whirlwind of notes but ones tastefully played that appear as an open hand welcoming you along the journey. 

The chorus will have you singing along no matter what your ability to sing is. As it bounces through my mind I find a peace and still have a longing that is not satisfied but only by the continuation of this song. While "Xanadu" comes in at an epic 6:55 in length it by no means wears out its welcome. Rounding out the cut is a female vocal that is just as smooth as the rest of the song, and as it fades out I find my wondering what to do next besides hit play again. 

I recommend this song to those that like Pop, Electronic, Alternative and Indie styles of music. It was truly another beautiful experience from Phil Wilson. It's worth a spin or twenty.

Michael Smith

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