Sunday, March 15, 2020

Great Band With a Rap/Rock Vibe

Sometimes you come across a song that embodies the spirit of rock 'n roll. It's the type of music that is not "safe" and it's not something that you wouldn't play in front of your Mom. Nude Eagle has hit the raunchy-groove oriented rap/rock bulls eye. I never know what I am going to hear when I hit play and after the first eleven seconds my face began to smile. I will guarantee that this is not a song or band that everyone will like, but that's not what rock 'n roll is supposed to be, at least in my opinion. I had some idea that I was going to be in for a treat when I get a song from a band called "Nude Eagle". 

Both Sides of Your Mouth starts off with a blues guitar intro that may make you think your in for a simple laid back blues cigarettes and whiskey type of song. But just when you settle in the guitar's gain cranks and the boys from N.E. throw down their groove. This song has plenty of swing and I mean that in a way that will make your naughty girlfriend jump on top of a table and start dancing in a way good girls don't if you know what I mean.

I love the guitar tone. It weaves through the song and holds a grind a funk type of groove that makes you want to move your feet and bang your head. The guitar solo that kicks in 2:55 has elements of hair metal and blues with a twist that is all its own. I found myself wanting to play air guitar and then just go grab mind. On display is a tone and playing that will remind you about how fun and dangerous guitar playing can be.

The bass guitar was probably my most favorite element. It just makes this song bounce. Instead of a low, dull tone that plows through a song the bass guitar here weaves around brings this song to life. The playing and tone had the appropriate amount of flash and fun without taking over the song. 

The percussion on this track was done well also. I liked the groove and the drummer stayed in the pocket. Again just like the guitar and bass work the drums held there ground with the right amount of spice and flair. I liked some of the action on the high hat and how it countered the snare/kick action. There is true talent in this band and it shows by volumes.

The vocals on this cut made me pause. I loved the vocalist's tone. He has that back alley deep tone delivery that made you want to look around to see if you were bout to get caught hooking up with a fix, but wait this is a song. He sounds authentic, reserved but still pulls off the bad-ass vibe. The only complaint that I had was that I personally felt the vocals were a bit buried in the mix. But what do I know? You can hear him. I just think that with the quick delivery of some of the stanzas it would have helped the song to have him up in the mix a bit.

End line, do yourself a favor, get some great speakers and crank this song. Don't have good speakers? Okay, crank it anyway. Just check your attitude and presumptions at the door and have a fun time with this song.

Michael Smith

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