Sunday, March 22, 2020

On the Brink: "She's All I Need"

Opening with sweet and gentle notes off an acoustic guitar On the Brink's Jeremiah Brinkley not, so much pulls you into his world, but pleasantly invites you. "She's All I Need" is the latest release from this artist which shows off the art of pouring ones soul into a song. As the full number kicks in, a portrait of a beautiful woman is described and put to music. The tender feelings for a beautiful woman shine from this number with great passion. If I were to guess how she looked by judging this number. I would say that she is sweet by the way he sings, beautiful by the way he plays the guitar, powerful with the presence of the bass guitar and poignant by how the percussion is approached. 

Touches like the hints of organ that shine through are nice ear-candy for this track. It would have been easy to throw in some electric lead workings but the organ gives that heartfelt touch that lets you know this is a woman that is special. The guitar work is solid and to be honest I think that this song is  true enough that it could have been kept at just that, a voice and a guitar. Case in point, at 2:48 where the band cuts back and Jeremiah goes solo. The full arrangement adds more power however and it works just as well. The outro guitar lead does the song justice but I would have liked to hear it go on for another measure or two. 

Percussion on the track lays down a solid beat for the rest of the band to play off of. The touch has the right amount of finesse. When adding drums to such a delicate track it can often overpower and distort a song. I think that a good balance has been found here. Bass guitar on the track is a monster. It comes in very powerfully adding a real strength to the song. I'm on the fence though, in regards to it's placement in the mix. I like the bass' place, but at the same time I think it takes over the song a bit much. The playing is on point. Nowhere is the bass noodling more than it should. It holds the low-end well and fills out the song, but part of me feels that it is just too prominent in the mix. 

Jeremiah's singing is done well. He shows a lot of talent and promise. Part of me wonders though if he lacks some certainty, or was rushed in the studio. Much of it he is on point, but there are flints here and there were he could have done better. The track sounds as though it was done with one vocal track. I may be wrong on this, if there were backing vocals it would have helped the number if they were raised up a bit in the mix. The rest of the song is so concrete and especially with the bass so prominent in the mix it makes his voice sound a bit "lonely" at times.

What do I know? I'm just guy listening, not the artist with the vision. This is a great song and you should give it a listen. If you like Country, Southern Rock or Classic Rock you'd probably like this song. And even if you are into Pop you'd probably like "She's All I Need" as well. Do yourself a favor. Check out this song and sit back. Close your eyes and think of the woman of your dreams or dream of becoming one. 

Michael Smith



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