Sunday, March 8, 2020

Ignitemares: Letters to Lauras

There's nothing so nice as a song that bleeds emotion. Unfortunately that usually means an artist has gone through a great deal. On display here, is an artist as long through as long through personal turmoil and decided to share the world. That alone is very brave, to do so on a stage in front of other people is even more daring. The Ignitemares pride themselves as a three piece pop punk band that hales from South Wales which writes in a view of classic pop punk with a weird side and prone to having a serious slant. That said I would say the achieve what the aspire to be... or not to be. 

"Letters to Lauras" wastes no time coming out of the gate with
distorted guitars, a thick bass guitar and behemoth drumming. Sticking to a Pop Punk approach vocally Keyleigh Morgan sings melodically and thankfully clearly. Nothing is more trying than a vocalist singing clean but sounds as if there are marbles in their mouth. Kayleigh approaches the mic and belts out the song well, but I have be honest. I think she's holding back. There are a few moments in this song where she lets go. Like around the 2:24 mark, she lets out a belting scream that is just for the song. However given the lyrical content I think that the song would have favored better if she would have let go a bit more in this song. Letting go doesn't mean that you have to scream nonstop till your vocal chords fall out but for some reason I feel she's holding back and not letting all her passion out vocally. 

The guitars preformed are done very well. I like the tone for the most part and it fits the sound and dynamic of the band. However around the 1:20 mark there is a shift in tone that is a bit more gritty. I thought that this shift was awesome but would have liked to hear it though out the entire track. The guitar tones seem safe and too ordinary for the genre. These are personal preferences and there is nothing wrong with the tone and approach but again it makes the song a bit "safe" or reserved and that flys a bit in the face of what is to be "punk" if there is such a thing. 

The bass guitar is nestled in the mix in an okay place, but here to I think that this band would benefit from boosting the midrange frequencies and letting the low note pop a bit more into the mix. The playing is good and seems right in the pocket. If you've got great players let it fly. If people don't like it there are plenty of other safe rock bands out there they can listen to. The drums stay on track and are preformed well. The dynamics of the song are allowed to swing without things getting out of control. Again though as I listen to the song I almost wonder if the mixing engineer or producer was playing it too safe. There's talent here on display. The frequencies just aren't getting out and the mix is holding this band back. 

Over all, this is a band to watch if their arc continues on the same trajectory and continues to rise. The only place this band has to go is but up unless they self implode or fall to cliche' self-destructiveness. So do yourself a favor, listen to this band, crank it up, go to a show and cheer them on. I gotta believe that they are something to behold live. There's just too much guts on display to conceive that they are shy and afraid to let it rip.

Michael Smith

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