Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ash Wednesday, Upping the Ante and Ousting the Oz

“Over N Under” -  Ash Wednesday excel and creating a bluesy brand of Hard Rock that makes you think that Black Sabbath had booted Ozzy on this track. The song is really that good.  Guitars grind and wind with true style and command of the fretboard. Yeah some guitars will be played faster but you can’t even tell what is being played. Even Playing this song while you do the dishes at home and you will find yourself soaked from dancing and thrashing away, but your dishes might not get done. Bass guitar howls the low end growl and lets you know that this band means business. Percussion is played with absolute reckless abandon. The tempos winds and weaves ramps ups and pauses but never a beat out of sync.  Vocals are sung straight from the gut without frilly crap autotune or other lame-ass effects. Sure Ash Wednesday might not earn any “Vocalist of the Year” awards but they are far to driven creating great music to worry about what some vocal princess might think. They just lay it all out there playing from the heart with no regard for glory. Ash Wednesday just speaks the truth. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Classic Rock genres. You can look “Over N Under” but rarely will you find a track that is as expressive and authentic rock n roll as Ash Wednesday these days. 

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