Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cook Doo, Launching You Higher Than an Ivory Tower

“Ivory Tower” -  With the opening descending guitar slides you will feel yourself falling hard for this hook-laden Alt/Rock single from Cook Doo. The guitars grind and just sound so beautiful. Lead work is tasteful and not over the top with a million notes a minute. Sitting right in the pocket they merely shine and smile. While this group hails from Aberdeen... Scotland the average Alt-rocker may be praying for another Nirvana-Messiah, but Cook Doo is just a great guitar rock band in their own rite. The song struts with a swagger and you will find yourself fighting the urge to pogo or dance to this track till you are soaked in sweat. The drum work on this song perfectly fits the groove and emotion going into it. Bass guitar duties are held down well and while they are rather hid in the mix, they do provide the low end groove that this song deserves. Vocal prowess on this track has an approach that blends attitude and slinks with a teasing nature that makes you want to keep coming back for more. Production on this track is done very well. This is a band that has put its time in and has some pro chops. Cook Doo is one of those bands that you don’t want to miss if they come around, and one that you will kick yourself in the ass if you do. Do yourself a favor and check out the Cook Doo cause they “Doo” ROCK massively and will you have smiling and sliding up and down their Ivory Tower all night long. 

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