Thursday, January 1, 2015

SyDobi, Better Catch This Song and Pull In This Great Release

“Catch, Pull, Release” - As I close my eyes I feel like I am in a warm cabin safe from the winter cold. As I look across the table past the glowing candles I see a group of friends making great music. They don’t care about money or fame they are just following their core passion for music changing the air around them one note at a time. Some of the greatest jams I have seen are when a bunch of friends sit down and just jam out a song, and this is exactly what you have here. While this song is acoustic in nature rocks out like a true anthem. Carly Sokol’s violin pierces the air and winds up through the stratosphere singing like an angel. Ruth Menger’s cello floats around the room and dances like a passionate ballet dancer on fire in her prime. Ben Zaccagnino’s bass playing pulses the song along and gives depth and counter melody to this beautiful track. Willie Clay’s drumming on this song has and awesome snap to it that keeps the song in line and helps the emotional peak moments reach mountainous highs. Bringing the whole thing home is SyDobi on lead vocals and guitar with Bryan Gallagher backing him up on both. Their playing on guitar has the power of a hurricane and the potency of an exploding volcano. Vocal performances are the sweet desert at this gourmet banquet of talents. With sneer and edge playfully dancing close to the fire these talented musicians have created a track that not only is fit for fun and dancing but for refection of the mind as well. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Acoustic Rock, Folk, Pop, Gypsy and Bluegrass genre’s. These fine men and women have created a truly original and unique piece of art that can be enjoyed for all ages. So take a moment and “Catch, Pull, Release” this beautiful song into your mind and revel in its pure passion.

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