Sunday, January 4, 2015

Red Sonnet, After Elnethe You Will Only Want More

“After Elnethe” - In the realm of music one thing that is timeless it the quintessential love song. Sitting and waiting for hearts to connect I feel the longing in the opening synth and guitar notes. With the piano pushing in at 1:32 I can almost see a young love with their head hung low wondering about the path for the future. With acoustic guitars entering, this track slowly builds energy like a set of broken wings yearning to take flight once again and soar to the heavens. This is the type of track that I love to put on when in a reflective mood but still wanting something inspirational. On the sound scape all the elements fade in rather beautifully so the electric guitar notes seem to be rather harsh especially with no percussion on this track. Perhaps a volume swell technique applied to these notes would have helped them keep with the vibe of the tack, but nonetheless Red Sonnet once again deliver a beautiful track played wonderfully. I would recommend this to those that like Instrumental, Romantic, New Age or Gothic genre’s. I don’t know what you are doing after reading this but I would highly recommend checking out “After Elnethe”. 

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