Friday, January 23, 2015

Valsaland, Beauty In Sound As Well As Sight

Fängelset - Human senses are a beautiful thing. I am always intrigued about how art affects the human senses and emotions. On this release I would definitely say that watching these tracks is as important as listening to them. While the music is lush, dense and full of emotion a completely new dimension opens up when watching the accompanying videos. Valsaland does an excellent job of producing songs that are well crafted, balanced and full of passion. Guitar work is exemplary in its ability to build peak moments. Key work is laid down with just as much passion and craft, not too many notes showing off but enough to make the songs work very well.  Drum work for the most part is rather subdued though. It does well to help propel the music and keep elements on an even keel. Each track is full of angst and introspection of a tortured heart. These songs allow you to enter the mind and heart of this artist and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The accompanying videos are shot just as well artistically and could tell the stories well with no music at all. I feel a strong classic rock vibe and its almost as if this is where Pink Floyd left off in their heyday. I would highly recommend this album to anyone that likes Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock or Experimental genres. Valsaland has definitely created a lasting piece of art with Fängelset. Question is, are your senses ready to experience it?

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