Saturday, January 10, 2015

SyDoBi, Down a Hole and Into a Dream

Into The Rabbit Hole - With an ominous beginning of “Sea” you don’t really know what to expect with SyDoBi. With a title like Into The Rabbit Hole you can expect to go on a bit of journey, and that is what is in store. Quickly in due form you get hit over the head with overdriven guitars on “Oceans Beneath”. With a manic pace SyDoBi grabs your hand and you feel like you are running to catch a plane running late through a crowed airport. Drum work here is not your typical Alternative Rock tight kick and reverb snare that sound like they are played in the Grand Canyon. The production on the drum sounds rather exemplify the feel that you are trapped in some sort of dream land. The rap/rock vibe on “Let the Bullets Sail” take you around another sharp turn with flow and lyrical delivery held tight and in the pocket. The bass work on this release overall seems a bit muddy and lend to the dirty, twisted dream feel but could use a bit more definition. Songwriting and overall production on this EP has a rather artistic slant, but hit home and do well to echo the heart of a lost pondering mind. Vocal work is handled rather well with Nick and Seth behind the mic. Their approach ranges from melodic to rapid fire and never bore the ear. A rather odd track from the set was “Valentine”. While musically it takes some rather sharp turns, the vocal approach really threw me. All the dust settles a bit with the closing track “Losing Sight”. This track could easily be used as a crossover single.  It has the melodic verse and a rather edgy chorus and with its side step of a middle section it soars as a whole and is anthem-like in nature. I would recommend this to anyone liking Alternative, Rock and even Pop genres. While SyDoBi might be slipping Into The Rabbit Hole they are leaving behind a trail of songs that help you follow along in pure musical ecstasy. 

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