Monday, January 19, 2015

Little Moon and Fox Killer, Shoot for the Stars While Releasing Their Own

Release the Stars (Part 1) - As my eyes close the notes of “Reconciled” begin to glide around my head as well as dance and rejoice with my mind. It’s like I can feel my body floating off the ground and into the sky. I warm light comes over me as the notes of Electronica take over my senses. While most Worship music I hear makes me want to change the channel immediately because of its cheesy hokey nature, the tracks of this epic journey make me want to hit replay again and again. The music on this release is a breath of fresh air and truly encapsulates the freedom and soaring warmth that I feel with my faith. On the breakout track “Chemistry” you feel the true passion and love for God held by these artists. You don’t have to write a novel of lyrics the most simple and direct lines communicate your heart when spoken with authenticity. That is exactly what I feel listening to the music of Little Moon and Fox Killer. The music and vocals are aggressive and stream straight from the heart. Production on this album is top shelf professional. Vocal work soars with each breath and musical compositions are neither boring or over ambitious. I would highly recommend this to all but especially if you are into Worship, Electronica, Alternative and even EDM genres. With this set of songs they have aimed for the stars while releasing their own, and have definitely earned a place the Lord’s sky.

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