Friday, January 23, 2015

Black Moon 1348, On the Rise and Felt in the Night Sky

“The Universe/The Great Lakes” - With a kick drum pounding as hard a rabid dog’s heart and a swinging beat like a machete Black Moon 1348 have come for your soul. This isn’t music that you want Mom and Pop listening to cause the pacemaker might just fail. Both sides of this awesome single pile drive like a jackhammer. Guitar work is ambient and lay a sprawling vibe that is sure to cover your floor in smoke while the bass guitar sounds as if it has summoned nature’s thunder itself. The soundscape is as thick as a spring fog and you just want to make sure that the creepy crawlies stay off your shoulders. Vocal work from BM1348 is hidden in the back of the mix a bit but do well to round out a great package and tease the mind as well as the ear. This isn't a couple of teenagers in their parents basement trying to sound scary. Black Moon 1348 is the real deal and come to conquer all in their path. I would highly recommend… wait, no I demand that you have to listen to this if you are into Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Experimental, Industrial or Ambient Metal. While the Black Moon has risen you would be wise to look to the sky for you will only see it rise higher and higher.

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