Sunday, January 11, 2015

Color Copy, With True Passion Soaring to Heaven

Said and Done - I almost feel my body soaring at the speed of sound into outer space as this album takes off with the track “Stuck”. Hailing from Orange Beach, Alabama Color Copy has created a beautiful piece of art with this release. With Chandler’s vocals pouring out of his heart you feel connected to this band from the first word sung. His words soar into the sky and float gently down to your ears. Guitar work covered by Tamen shimmer with and dance with delay like the great Edge of U2. His phrasing and choice of melody perfectly compliments the vocals and acts as a second voice for this band. Hailing the low end frequencies Ryan commands a massive sound that gives this group a foundation solid as a stone and a strong dose of power that does not ruin the intimacy. Having songs with such power, passion and intimacy can be a chore to drum around without ruining the mood but Branden handles notes behind the drum kit like a true pro. I would highly recommend this band to those that like Rock, Pop, Indie and even Emo. Put this on and you will feel your heart swell, your feet will want to dance and your mind with travel to heaven. Each song on this release has its own character and fit together perfectly with one another like a puzzle. When all is Said and Done you will want to go right back to track one and play this whole album over and over again. 

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