Saturday, January 10, 2015

Polaroid Vision, Floating From to the Heavens With Passion

Impulse Animus - I feel like I am floating through a dream state as I listen to this release from Polaroid Vision. Guitars float through the air effortlessly and lock with the pearly vocals that slide out of my speakers. A grooving bass guitar paces and pulses the rhythm section in a close dance with your ears. Drum work is done very tastefully and does well to accent counterpoints with the music but the kick drum is keep pretty far in the background. It would help if it was a bit closer to the foreground and help give the passion in this recording a real punch. I almost feel like it is a summer day and I am riding my bike through forest trails with my hands reaching high into the sky. There is a true sense of peace, freedom and hope while listening to these songs. Lead vocals soar to the heavens on “A Nation Divided” and you can tell that they are being pushed to their absolute limits. Polaroid Vision has dug really deep to reveal what lies in their heart. Vocal harmonies on “Providence” work together as well as a fine clock and help weave a fabric that shows a great love for good songwriting. A real standout track is “Jargonelle Pear Drops” where electronic elements put a twist on PV’s sound and round out this session with true artistic flare. This EP is perfect for listening around the house during reflective times and long solo drives when you want to free your mind with the wind in your hair. I would highly recommend this track to those who like Pop Rock, Alternative Pop or Adult Contemporary. While there is so much to distract a mind these days take the time and satisfy your own Impulse Animus and check out this band right now. 

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