Sunday, January 11, 2015

john WHiTE, Dispensing With the Trash With a Ray of Rhymes

“The Last Battle” - With my eyes closed I see myself walking down trash laden streets in the rain with this latest track from john WHiTE in my mind. The sun tries to break through the thick grey clouds just as john’s lyrics breath through all the sugar Pop trash on the radio. Atop a laid back symphonic groove john flows slick as ever with a tune that is somber yet rings with hope. Production on this track is top notch and does well to create a mood and vibe that is thick. The vocals at the 2:52 almost sound like they are from another artist though, and they seem to loose the beat a bit and have a couple of hard edits. There is some double vocals on this track the get out of sync at times which make discerning the lyrics a challenge but all critiques aside john is a true poet that can sling words with the best of them. I would recommend this track to those that like Rap, Hip Hop or Pop. While john might be involved in this “Last Battle” hopefully it will not be the last we hear from him. A true talent with a true voice lies inside this soul and the journey is just beginning. 

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