Saturday, January 3, 2015

K Sean Long, Making Mistakes is the True Sign of a Growing Artist

Make More Mistakes - Opening this EP is “Hey Abigail” and Sean’s brand of Acoustic driven Singer/Songwriting. With guitar in toe the songs each give you insight in to the mind of this artist as he tries to find his way in this world. The songs are introspective and truly passionate. While the guitar performances hold up really well, they compete with Sean’s vocals a bit too much at times. Vocally he just lays it all out there and holds back nothing. It takes a brave soul to sit in a room with nothing but his voice and guitar and play passionately from his heart. Everything is can be seen with nothing to gloss anything over. My particular favorite from this release is “Let Yourself Go” where the strumming really seems to fly and the vocal performance soars even higher. I would highly recommend this EP to those that Indie or Singer/Songwriter genres. As K Sean Long learns from his mistakes he only becomes stronger as an artists and continues to grow. 

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